We were casually looking at homes in the early part of this year but had not really found anything and did not think we would be serious buyers until after the middle of the summer. We put a brief pause on our search in early March because we did not want to find the ideal spot but then not be in a position to move on it. A few weeks later we found out we were 8 weeks pregnant and wanted to speed out our search to see if we could make something happen before the 3rd trimester. We decided to go out again that next weekend and low and behold we found the perfect spot in one of our ideal areas. We asked our agent for a referral to her preferred group. Our agent sent us Daniel Arias’s phone number and we reached out and immediately to Daniel and spoke and he explained to us a lot details on how WeFundLA knows this market and can get things done that a lot of other direct lenders and brokers are not able to do, a lot of salesmanship we thought at the time. A lot of this info did not resonate with us as we are both first time home buyers and we were only concerned with our rate and pre approval to get the process started.

We also spoke with a broker and friend that is a loan officer at a large bank as we both have healthy FICO Scores in the 760+ range. We opted to go with the broker initially because a family member just used him and he did a great job for them, however we were really not getting an optimal rate which we felt we deserved so we reached out to our friend at the large bank and everything started out well and we locked us in at the rate which was ideal for us, however, once we got to the appraisal we had some severe hang-ups that were out of her control due to the conservative nature of their appointed appraiser and lack of comps in the area we became stuck in escrow limbo. Now with our back up against the wall we were in a position to either have to bring more cash to the table or risk losing the house and having the seller pull out completely.

Did I mention my wife was pregnant and she really took a liking to this house? So we spoke to our agent and again she mentioned we should talk to Daniel that he is a miracle worker and has helped out a lot of her clients from sticky situations in the past.

So after a few more back and forth and appraisal reviews with the big bank we reached out to Daniel again. He happily took our call and said he spoke to our agent has an idea on what is going and also thought that the big banks appraisal seemed extremely low based on his familiarity with the area. Daniel offered to pay to help expedite their appraisal process for us to see we can get the desired value which we agreed to do. When we got our appraisal back a few days later we were back in business as it came in closer to where originally expected. Now we could go back to the negotiation table with the seller with some extra leverage and were able to agree on a final price.

We are now a few days away from closing but would have never been in this position if Daniel and his team did not come to the rescue. Our interest rate is a little bit higher than I would have liked but our PITI is within our comfort zone and my wife is happy, (did I mention she is pregnant?).

All those things that we thought were salesy at when we first spoke to Daniel turned out to not be like that at all. Virtually everything Daniel Said came true and we owe him and his team a BIG THANKS!
“We know this market”
“We close loans that the big banks can’t for many reasons”
“We know how to close loans fast”
“We know what the sellers need”
“We treat every loan like we are doing them for a family member”
“We Fund LA” (not in those words but I recall something similar, or did I? … it sounds good maybe they should change their name to that)

If you don’t know who to use for your mortgage but have a few options, do yourself a favor and be sure to include Daniel in one of those options or just make your life easy and just use him from the get-go!

Rico & Frances


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